Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

When should I plant my seedlings outdoors?

April 15 is the date that several local growers agree on to plant your gourd seeds indoors for most of Ontario. In northern B.C. the May long weekend is when we plant out.

What can I finish the exterior of gourds with that would act as a UV protector?

Krylon Crystal Clear and Spar Varnish (both sprays) work well for UV protection.

What can I use to sand the inside of the gourd?

A great discovery that I made just recently is the gyproc sanding screen. It is used in plaster for sanding and is a screen with sand on it so that it doesn’t get clogged…the screen has spaces in it… and so is good for inside gourd cleaning. I initially sand with the screen sander (by hand). It can be purchased at any hardware store and is very cheap.

What can I use for sawblades for my micsrosaw…they are so expensive?

For replacement saw blades for your tiny microsaw, simply buy scroll blades for wood, and using the original blades which come with the microsaw, cut the new replacement blades to the same length. This is a much cheaper method than purchasing the micro blades.

Cutting or drilling holes on a thin gourd:

Place a layer of masking tape over the area that you are going to cut or drill. This will often lessen the chance of the gourd splitting. Especially useful when making all those Christmas Ornaments.

Cleaning/washing gourds:

I’ve found that the easiest way to clean gourds is to fill a tub with warm water, put the gourds in and cover them with a wet towel. Let them stand for about an hour and then take a scrubber too them. Works great.